Bring your workstations back to life with our thorough, detailed cleanings available across Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area.

Workstation Cleaning

Every member of your staff deserves a clean, comfortable working space to perform at their very best. Over time however, the quality of your workstations can degrade. Issues such as stains, marks, dirt or dust in workstation furniture and equipment can negatively affect your staff’s working environment and their performance.
We will thoroughly clean your workstations so that they are highly presentable and give your staff a boost to their working day. Our team understands that a happier team leads to better results for you and your business and will do our very best to give you quality service each and every time.
Businesses across the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton, trust ServiCare to deliver our exceptional workstation cleaning services. With our efficient approach and high attention to detail, we can help breathe new life back into your company’s work panels and stations.

Workstation Disinfection

Because workstations often consist of many different surfaces such as chairs, desks, cabinets, computers and keyboards, they are key hotspots for bacteria, viruses and allergens. This risk increases even further if you work in an open-plan office or a co-working space where staff share the same environment. That is why the main part of our service focuses on cleaning the upholstery of panels, dividers, and even chairs.
Despite this, workstations are one of the most ignored areas for cleaning and disinfection. Studies have repeatedly shown that many workstation items like keyboards or door handles contain more harmful bacteria than those found in a washroom or kitchen.
This makes workstations a hotspot for outbreaks, putting your staff’s health at risk and ultimately putting your productivity and efficiency on the line.
Take action by choosing ServiCare Interiors today. Our workstation cleaning and disinfection service uses advanced technology to cleanse and destroy your surfaces of threats, including:
See our disinfection services to learn more about our technology and disinfection procedures.

Maintain The Health Of Your Staff

Dust, dirt, and allergens are attracted to most of the materials found in your average workspace. Routine upholstery cleaning of your workstation panels or dividers, will help maintain the health of your staff and the workstation itself will preserve longer.
Our workstation panel cleaning service includes:
When cleaning your workstation, we make sure to take proper care of your equipment. We use trusted, scientifically-proven cleaning practices that are also hard on germs but light on sensitive surfaces or equipment like computers.

Flexible Workstation Cleaning Options

We understand how important it is to keep your workplace operating effectively and efficiently. That’s why we offer complete flexibility with our workstation cleaning services. We are available to suit your business’ needs and schedules, whether routine or a one-off. It’s never been easier to take good care of your staff and their workstations with ServiCare Interiors around to assist you.

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