Years of experience have led us to develop a delicate and efficient technique to reduce and remove environmental static from your server room and data centres.

Why Data Centres & Equipment Need Cleaning

Whether you have a small closet to store your server, or an entire floor of your premises dedicated to managing your data, you should know just how important it is to protect your equipment. Having a router or server suddenly fail can be highly disruptive to your business’ productivity.
IT systems often fail due to a lack of care or maintenance that is typically preventable. Over time, dust and dander naturally build up in computer rooms or data centres, making their way into fans or vents that help prevent your equipment from overheating.
Static is another preventable issue that can cause a build up of heat or voltage surge, resulting in a dielectric breakdown and equipment failure.
That’s why it’s necessary to make sure your data centre, server or computer room is cool, properly ventilated and is thoroughly cleansed of any dust or dander on a regular basis.

Extend The Life Expectancy Of Your Equipment with ServiCare

Because data centre equipment is highly sensitive to dust particles, they cannot be cleaned as easily as other office equipment or items. Attempting to clean your equipment without any experience can be highly detrimental and even contribute to damage.
ServiCare Interiors offer a reliable solution for your business’ data equipment. Available across the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton, we can help maintain your equipment and help keep your business running smoothly and effectively.
Our data centre cleaning team has extensive experience working with fragile technology to prevent any unnecessary damage. We know just how important this equipment is for your business’ operations. We will carefully clean equipment such as:
We use specialized anti-static products and equipment to reduce dust, dirt, and static in your equipment. Regular and proper cleaning of these areas in your office extend the life expectancy of your equipment and prevent overheating.

Benefits of Data Centre Cleaning

ServiCare Interiors is an industry leader when it comes to data centre sanitization and cleaning. With our specialized cleaning services, experience and availability across the Greater Toronto Area, we can help you:
Better yet, all our data centre cleaning services are tailored to your business needs and schedule, meaning we won’t interrupt your staff’s productivity. To get started or learn more about our data centre cleaning service, contact our team today.

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