Commercial & Office Cleaning & Sanitization Services, Milton

At ServiCare Interiors, we provide businesses across Milton with commercial cleaning services that will ensure their workplace is a safe working environment place for their staff, clients, and customers. With many years of experience under our belt and a powerful roster of advanced cleaning techniques and technology, you can always rely on ServiCare to deliver exceptional service each and every time.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Milton

We proudly service businesses in the entire Milton area, as well as its surrounding communities. So whether you are located inside or outside downtown Milton, our cleaners are available for your business.
We know all businesses have unique traits and challenges when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to our many years of experience, our team is able to optimize our cleaning procedures to your exact business needs.
We offer our commercial cleaning services in Milton for business such as:
Discover our selection of commercial cleaning services available in Milton below:


Fight back against harmful viruses and bacteria with ServiCare’s disinfection service. Our commercial disinfection services in Milton will give your property a deep sanitization to reduce any risk of transmission or viral and bacterial outbreak, including against influenza, norovirus, and COVID-19. We ensure that hotspot areas are particularly targeted such as door handles, railings, bathrooms, desks, food preparation spaces and other shared common areas. At ServiCare, we make sure to use disinfectants approved by Health Canada so that your property receives a safe and effective disinfection.


ServiCare’s janitorial services in Milton are ideal for businesses in need of a consistent and reliable janitor. Available both during the day and at night, our janitorial services will keep your premises clean and maintained at your convenience.

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets take pride of place in your business. However, with excessive wear and tear they can quickly become damaged and need replacing. Here at ServiCare Interiors, our commercial carpet cleaning services in Milton will not only clean your carpets but also help maintain their condition for longer. All our commercial cleaning cleaners in Milton are fully certified and endorsed by Canada’s leading carpet manufacturers.

Fire & Water Restoration

Is your business at risk of fire or flooding? Protect your assets and valuable belongings with our fire and water restoration response team. Available 24/7, we act quickly to restore your property and secure your belongings so you can focus on getting your business back up and running.

Workstation Cleaning

Designed to eliminate unwanted dust, allergens and other unwanted particles, our workstation cleaning services in Milton will help your offices stay a cleaner and safer place for your staff. Our workstation and office cleaning team make sure to target key areas such as desks, computers and monitors. This service is designed to clean upholstery in your staff workstations, including the cleaning of chairs, partitions and sensitive surfaces like leather and fabric.

Server Room, Data Centre & Computer Room Cleaning

Despite being a vital part of modern business operations, your information technology equipment does require maintenance and cleaning of its own. Any build-up of dust, dirt and other unwanted particles will gradually reduce your equipment’s capabilities and could even cause disruption to your business. Our data and computer room cleaning service in Milton uses safe electrostatic cleaning to delicately remove these potential threats from your technology.
Years of experience have led us to develop a delicate and efficient technique to reduce and remove environmental static from your Server room and data centres.

Specialty Cleaning

Does your business require a special cleaning or maintenance service? Look not further than ServiCare as your preferred specialty cleaning service. Contact our team to discuss your cleaning needs with us today.

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Finding a reliable cleaner or janitor for your Milton business has never been easier with ServiCare Interiors. If you are interested in using any of our commercial cleaning services in Milton or the surrounding area, please contact us today for a free consultation and on-site analysis.