Burlington Office Cleaners & Sanitization Services

Keeping your Burlington business clean and safe is not always the easiest of tasks. With sanitation becoming increasingly important for the health and safety of your staff and clients, having a reliable, experienced cleaning and maintenance provider at your disposal is a necessity.

At ServiCare Interiors, our commercial cleaning services are designed to tackle the root of the problem. We use advanced cleaning techniques and technology to ensure a thorough deep clean for your business. With tools such as electrostatic cleaning and many years of experience under our belt, our team can go far beyond the capabilities of a typical cleaner.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Burlington

We service the entire Burlington area, from Aldershot to Appleby and everywhere in between. We are proud to offer Burlington the distinguished commercial cleaning services they can rely on time and time again.
We cater our commercial cleaning services for a wide range of businesses, including cleaning for:
Discover our selection of commercial cleaning services in Burlington below:


Concerned about a viral or bacterial outbreak on your property? Our commercial disinfection services in Burlington thoroughly disinfect your property of all unwanted viral and bacteria possible, including influenza and COVID-19. Our cleaning includes targeting all the hotspots like door handles, railings, bathrooms, desks, food preparation spaces and other shared common areas. All our disinfectants are approved by Health Canada, giving you the safe and effective disinfection your business deserves.


Rely on our skilled team to deliver regular and consistent cleaning and maintenance of your commercial property. Our janitorial services in Burlington are available both as a day or night service to your convenience.

Carpet Cleaning

Ensure you get the very best out of your carpets with our commercial carpet cleaning service in Burlington. We make sure to not only keep your carpets looking clean, but also to maximize their lifespan by maintaining them to an excellent standard.
All our commercial carpet cleaners in Burlington are fully endorsed and certified by leading carpet manufacturers.

Fire & Water Restoration

Never let a fire or flood be the end of your business. With our 24/7 emergency restoration response team, we act quickly to secure your assets and belongings aaAvailable 24/7, our response team will act quickly to help restore normality to your property and protect your belongings following damage from a fire or flood. nd help your business get back on its feet once again.

Workstation Cleaning

Our workstation and work panel cleaning services give Burlington businesses full confidence in the safety of their staff. Our team of professional commercial cleaners work to remove dust, dirt, allergens and other possible threats. We make sure to cover important and often ignored areas, including upholstery, leather surfaces, computers, keyboards, and desks.

Server Room, Data Centre & Computer Room Cleaning

Data centres and server rooms are one of the most critical areas of your business and require only the most advanced cleaning procedures to avoid any possible disruption or damage. We provide commercial cleaning services for data centres and computer rooms in Burlington that ensure a delicate and safe course of action. By using specialized anti-static products we can eliminate dirt, dust and other contaminants that pose a threat to the health of your equipment and your staff.
Years of experience have led us to develop a delicate and efficient technique to reduce and remove environmental static from your Server room and data centres.

Specialty Cleaning

Need a combination of cleaning services for your business? We offer a bespoke cleaning and maintenance service geared towards your precise needs. Get in touch with our team to find the custom cleaning package for you.

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