Commercial & Office Cleaning & Sanitization Services, Brampton

Ensuring your commercial property is safe for staff has never been more relevant nor more important.

ServiCare Interiors is here to help businesses across Brampton maintain excellent sanitary, hygiene and cleaning standards. Our commercial cleaning services in Brampton utilize our many years of expertise and experience with the very latest cleaning techniques and technology to offer an unrivalled service.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Brampton

Whether you are out in Castlemore or Mount Pleasant, or centrally located in downtown Brampton, we are more than happy to service you. Our commercial cleaning services are available across Brampton and the surrounding areas. The ServiCare team strives to provide all businesses with the consistent, quality cleaning services they can truly rely on.
We know every business has its own unique cleaning needs and challenges. With our diverse portfolio of experience and technologies, we are able to offer cleaning services to a vast range of different businesses, including cleaning for:
Discover our selection of commercial cleaning services in Brampton below:


Bacteria, viruses and other biological threats can put your staff, clients and customers in danger. Our commercial disinfection services in Brampton provide a thorough disinfection of your premises, eliminating as many threats as possible, including influenza and COVID-19. Our team of disinfection specialists target key areas that allow bacteria and viruses to thrive, including door handles, railings, bathrooms, desks, food preparation spaces and other shared common areas. We also make sure to use disinfectants approved by Health Canada so that your property receives a safe and effective disinfection.


Obtain the consistent cleaning and maintenance that will keep your business running in top condition. ServiCare’s team of skilled janitors utilize reliable cleaning practices and technologies. Our janitorial services in Brampton are available on a day or night basis at your convenience.

Carpet Cleaning

Without any cleaning or maintenance your carpets become increasingly prone to wear and tear that could be costly to replace. But with our commercial carpet cleaning services in Brampton, your carpet can stay fresher and cleaner for longer. Our professional commercial carpet cleaners in Brampton are fully certified and endorsed by leading carpet manufacturers.

Fire & Water Restoration

Never let a fire or flood be the end of your business. With our 24/7 emergency restoration response team, we act quickly to secure your assets and belongings and help your business get back on its feet once again.

Workstation Cleaning

Designed to clean dust, dander, allergens, our workstation cleaning services in Brampton will give your staff the reassurance they deserve in a safe workplace. This service is designed to clean upholstery in your staff workstations, including the cleaning of chairs, partitions and sensitive surfaces like leather and fabric. Our team ensures that no area is left unattended, including desks, computers, cubicles and shared common areas.

Server Room, Data Centre & Computer Room Cleaning

It has never been more important to protect your information technology from damage. Even the smallest amounts of dust or dirt can negatively affect their efficiency and even cause disruption in the workplace. We employ delicate cleaning practices with products that reduce or eliminate electrostatic to safely remove equipment-damaging particles from your data centre or computer room.
Years of experience have led us to develop a delicate and efficient technique to reduce and remove environmental static from your Server room and data centres.

Specialty Cleaning

Do you have a cleaning need not specified in our services? If so, we are more than happy to offer bespoke cleaning services for your Brampton business. Contact us today to discuss your needs further.

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When it comes to a reliable cleaning and maintenance service for businesses in Brampton, there is no better choice than ServiCare Interiors. If you are interested in using our services, contact us today. We are more than happy to answer any questions and will also offer a free on-site analysis to help develop the best cleaning solution for your business.