Office Health: How Are Office Disinfecting and Sanitizing Different?

With new COVID variants on the rise, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to the well-being of your employees.

It is not enough to clean surfaces by sanitizing them. Office disinfecting is an important and necessary step. There is a big difference between sanitizing and disinfecting, and it is important to understand this before doing a full reopening.

Read on to learn all about the differences between sanitizing and disinfecting the office.

Disinfecting vs. Sanitizing: Two Different Cleaning Processes

When it comes to office cleaning, two terms that are often used are “disinfecting” and “sanitizing.”

Sanitizing is a surface-cleaning process that reduces the bacterial count but does not necessarily get rid of them. Disinfecting is much more than just sanitizing— it is a process that uses chemicals to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants such as mold and mildew.  Below are the descriptions for each.

What is Disinfection?

Disinfection is the process of using chemical cleaners to kill disease-causing bacteria on hard surfaces. It is particularly important in high-traffic public spaces, where foot traffic or other activity can spread germs.

What is Sanitizing?

Sanitizing is the process of reducing bacteria on hard surfaces but not necessarily removing them completely.  Pre-COVID, sanitizing was an effective way of keeping dirt and dust at bay, however, as more and more people return to the workplace, this method is not enough to keep harmful bacteria and viruses from spreading throughout the office.  

When to Sanitize and When to Disinfect

Remember, office disinfection is a more intense cleaning process that should be used in high traffic areas such as conference rooms, reception areas, bathrooms and kitchens. There are instances where simple office sanitizing could be enough, such as infrequently used spaces like unused offices.

Sanitizing is best for these situations:

  • Every-day dusting
  • Cleaning floors
  • Personal offices that nobody else goes into
  • Removing physically visible dirt from surfaces

Disinfecting is ideal for these instances:

  • High-touch and high-traffic areas
  • Shared machines: photocopier, phones, etc.
  • Elevator buttons
  • Door handles
  • Everything inside a restroom
  • Food sensitive areas (shared cafeterias)

How to choose the right cleaning service

It is always best to err on the side of caution during COVID or any other pandemic to help reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. In times such as this, it would be a smart option to have regular office cleaning done and add on disinfecting weekly, or bi-weekly, depending on your workplace needs and traffic.

Proper cleaning is even more crucial during the pandemic— especially with workers heading back into the office soon. Both disinfecting and sanitizing will do a good job of killing bacteria.
But of the two, disinfecting for COVID is absolutely the best option to take care of your employees and your business.

Office Disinfecting is the Best Option

In an office setting, sanitizing may be the right solution for cleaning and making the place look presentable. If you are looking to clean your business in preparation for people returning to work, you will need to do more than just a surface sanitize. You will want to disinfect all your surfaces and equipment, so no harmful pathogens remain inside of your building.

With regular customers coming inside, along with their germs, this is especially important. It will also help you preempt dealing with potentially hazardous workplace environments. This way, workers can feel safe in coming back to work sooner— without further delay caused by illnesses spreading in the office building.

You will learn that one of the most popular methods of office disinfecting is through electrostatic spraying.

Electrostatic Spraying is the Most Effective Way to Disinfect

The only way to be sure that you are disinfecting all surfaces effectively is by using a specially formulated Electrostatic Sprayer.

A properly used electric sprayer will help ensure no bacteria in nooks or crannies remain after cleaning. This is a fast and effective way of making sure harmful germs and viruses are eliminated and the extra step is worth the effort when preparing for COVID regulations.

They are designed with the right combination of nozzles, pressure, and flow rates so disinfectants can work their way into all corners of confined spaces. That means getting rid of harmful pathogens, so your employees feel comfortable returning as soon as possible without fear.

There are plenty of other disinfecting options for your office, but electrostatic spraying disinfection is the latest and most effective method that completely avoids cross-contamination. They are made with modern technology that ensures high-strength disinfectants get applied evenly across every surface in sight.

Office Cleaning Tips After the Pandemic is Over

While people were urged to work from home during the pandemic, the time of post-pandemic will start to see more workplaces opening and people being allowed to return to work. 

For offices and businesses, the best way to get back into their usual routine is by using proper office disinfecting methods. And after that, it means keeping the space clean. Here are some tips to follow:

Develop a Cleaning Plan

Figure out what areas of your office you should clean consistently. Then create a list of cleaning products you must have to make this cleaning plan come to life.

Sanitize High-Touch Areas

Make sure to sanitize high-touch areas around the office as needed. Some common high-touch areas include tables, doorknobs, light switches, and elevator buttons.  If your workplace has a steady amount of traffic, hiring a day porter or having regular cleaning done would be ideal.

Offer Support and Guidance

We are all navigating new office procedures as we try to understand COVID regulations. You can help make it easier for your employees by offering support and guidance. The simplest way to do this is by having clean signage and instructions posted throughout the office.

The signage should tell people what they can and cannot do, as well as any health and safety procedures to follow.

The Safest Return to Workplace Plan

Office disinfecting is the best option for your business to get back to work.

It may feel like a big job, but don’t worry. The experienced cleaning professionals at ServiCare know exactly what tools to use and how to use them to achieve the best results for office disinfecting.

If you are in the GTA and decide you would like to try ServiCare Interior’s office disinfecting service, please contact us for a free quote.  We will work with you to ensure your office is completely disinfected before your employees come back in.