COVID-19 Surface Cleaning & Workplace Disinfection Tips

As of early July 2021, coronavirus cases in Canada have dropped dramatically compared to just a few months ago. This, added with more vaccinations given out, means we are starting to transition back to the normal workplace.

However, things are not 100% safe just yet. And because of this, you will need to know how to clean offices so you can protect both your employees and customers.

Here are some COVID-19 workplace cleaning tips you should know.

Clean Surfaces Often

When it comes to a successful surface cleaning, making sure that you have identified all potential surfaces is vital. Even if 95% of the surfaces have been disinfected on a property, the remainder can still come into contact with your staff and consequently spread germs back onto the cleaned surfaces. While you will want to clean all surfaces, you’ll want to pay special attention to high-touch areas, such as light switches, doorknobs, handles, electronics, and handrails. These will have the biggest concentration of germs, so ideally, you will want to wipe them down right after someone uses them.

Use High-Quality Products

Make sure you use quality products for office cleaning as well. One of our best disinfecting tips is to choose products that are approved by Health Canada and have a Drug Identification Number (DIN). This ensures they are effective at eliminating viral particles and also do not represent a health and safety risk for you or your staff. At ServiCare Interiors, our team exclusively uses disinfectants that fully comply with Health Canada regulations.

Scientists and epidemiologists are still not 100% sure how long COVID-19 germs can live on surfaces. There is also the continual threat of other nasty viruses and bacteria that can linger, such as influenza or norovirus. That is why it’s always a good idea to clean often and use strong yet safe products.

If you have run out of cleaning supplies, a good substitute is a diluted bleach solution. Ensure bleach is diluted with several parts of water so that your surfaces do not degrade and that any accidental contact with the bleached surface does not result in a burn.

Have a Disinfection Schedule

If disinfection is done sporadically, your workplace is not as safe as it should be. In fact, one person’s idea of “frequent” might not be the same as another’s.

Therefore, it is important to develop a workplace protocol that explains not only how to clean, but also how often as well. Come up with a printed list so that all cleaning duties are clear and that each person who cleans can sign off on it. You should also have a plan for how to clean the workplace should anyone have symptoms of the coronavirus.

This provides accountability, transparency (for both your workers and customers), and consistency.

Use a Commercial Disinfection Service

While businesses can attempt to clean their premises internally, trying to do so while preparing to reopen isn’t always easy. It’s quite possible other workplace responsibilities will get in the way of you or your staff, causing you to neglect cleaning duties and accidentally put your premises at risk of becoming an outbreak source. Using a commercial disinfection service in your local area can be an excellent solution for both the short and long term.

Professional cleaners have the technology, products, and experience to ensure that the job is not only done professionally, but also efficiently. They also take the responsibility off your shoulders (and your workers’) and allow you to completely focus on work instead of cleaning.
We at ServiCare Interiors have reliable and effective disinfection and sanitization solutions, whether you need a one-off cleaning or regular service. Our expert team will keep your business safe, all without breaking the bank.

Use These COVID-19 Workplace Cleaning Tips for the Best Protection

By following these COVID-19 workplace cleaning tips, you will be able to keep everyone safe while your business transitions back to normal life. When your workers and customers see the effort you’re putting in, they’re sure to appreciate it!

If you are in need of a commercial disinfection service in the GTA, get in touch with us today. We proudly service much of southern Ontario, including the regions of Toronto, Peel, Halton, York and Simcoe.