An Office Cleaning Guide To Help Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19

What are you doing to keep your staff safe during this pandemic?

As provinces follow the protocols for COVID-19 safety, the new policies help firms protect their workers. Businesses must plan workplace protection to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Strategy with social distancing and cut occupancy has the primary role in COVID-19 reopening plans. This pandemic office safety list will serve industries in serving the new guidelines for reopening. Are your offices set for the new normal?

Here is a handy office cleaning guide you can use to help ensure the safety of you and your staff.

Our Structure to Consider for Decision Planning

The CDC urges using a COVID-19 office cleaning guide to guarantee the health of your employees. Office facilities are the top areas for viruses to spread as there are countless people coming and going.  Using this guide will help to create a safer work setting for staff and can help develop your back-to-work plan.

The most crucial element of setting a strategy, is to be ready and flexible. We can still see a wave going back to work under the infection rates, especially as new variants arise, and it is crucial to have a strategy in place that stresses protection and flexibility.

Future-Proof Office Technology Design

Everybody must feel secure and protected at their job. Under our new normal, this entails necessary adjustments to the workplace. Technological and fundamental upgrades further heighten security and reliance.

Some of the safety aspects that will encourage people to go back to their workplaces are:

  • Hand disinfectant stations
  • Lessened occupancy
  • Hands-free access control

Increasing office disinfecting sites is a good start, and it is essential to set up an office disinfection service station. To build up the confidence of being able to go back into the workplace or office, reducing touch points and capacity is also vital.

Social Distancing in the Workplace

Placing more space among people has attested to be vital to stopping the spread of COVID-19. With social distancing being the new normal, we can count on the design of our facilities to change too. Fewer people, larger areas, and a six-feet workplace are needed post-COVID-19 office layouts.

You can set related rules in your facility by the following social distancing procedures:

  • Build worksites that serve remote work and telework
  • Waver work schedules to cut the number of workers in an area
  • Place desks six feet apart
  • Avoid shared workstations
  • Set lower limit access for communal spaces
  • Switch to pickup and delivery choices to cut physical contact

Following these safety precautions is essential to reduce the risks of transmissions at work.

Proactive Preparation and Sanitizing

Studies have verified that the virus does not circulate much in outdoor areas. Before reverting to the office, install great-efficiency air filters and suitable air-conditioning units. Recognize how and where viruses can spread at your office.

Study all the high-traffic places and contact points of your building, including:

  • Bathrooms
  • Breakrooms
  • Elevator buttons
  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Lobbies
  • Shared offices

Next, create a plan to lessen risk in those spaces, buy office cleaning products. Remove absorbent surfaces and cloths altogether in your office. Items like lobby lounges, rugs, and wall decorations can hold virus particles for a week.

Carry out an intense cleaning of the area before welcoming back workers to the facility, and make sure to follow a regular maintenance system every day

Safety and Technology Updates

Modernize your entryway systems to a touchless alternative. Advancing motion-detector devices reduces touchpoints in heavy-used spaces. A multipurpose doorway also provides a simple touchless way to cover any size area.

Carry your safe protocols to the next level by using a combination of hands-free access systems with automated door openers. Make sure to also establish antimicrobial devices all over your building.

RFID, Key cards, and fobs badges are easy to misuse, and they need the user to contact them to access a building.  It is best to transition to the cloud-based safety system and mobile identifications. With mobile credentials, the user only requires their smartphone to enter.

Elevators are a usual touchpoint in business areas and multi-tenant workplaces. The small, enclosed area within an elevator can be difficult to practice social distancing, therefore, it is best to limit one or two people at a time. To avoid touching the buttons in the elevator, you can invest in voice-activated and automated technology or add sanitization.

Automate and Execute New Guidelines

Automate and execute symptom evaluation for all workers by combining web-based and safety health plans with API. You can have terms for every user to do a regular symptom screening for their mobile credentials to open a door. You must establish social distancing systems throughout your building to lessen crowding.

Rather than schedule face-to-face business meetings, you can opt schedule virtual meetings. You could also have controlled group gatherings in general areas and take out shared machines from break places and lunchrooms.

Regular communication and support of new health guidelines is key to keeping the new COVID-19 back to work system. Post signs all over the building, providing updated protocols as new data grows available.

Most Essential Factor In This Office Cleaning Guide

The most significant part of your company is the well-being and protection of your staff. It may be intimidating to change your office designs for COVID-19, but it is crucial to address the reopening with caution. To warrant both your buildings and workers, you must install COVID-19 office safety protocols.

Before reopening facilities during COVID-19, ensure to establish a good office cleaning guide. Individual hygiene presents a pivotal role in blocking the virus from transmission. The new technology can further offer the change to the new standard more fluid and more effective.

You, as a company owner or business manager, should invest in COVID-19 office technology. You should also redesign facilities to provide for social distancing and digital health inquiries. Investing in these tools secures companies to be ready for the changeable post-pandemic office.

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With this office cleaning guide, you now know where to start to ensure that you are helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  However, cleaning the office may be difficult and confusing when you have no idea what you’re doing. So, why not call professionals?

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